Every time I have the opportunity to work with Angela, I’m pleasantly overwhelmed by her ability to articulate things about me and my business that propel me forward with more clarity than I’ve ever been able to develop on my own. Although she is indeed a great advocate and cheerleader, Angela’s value-add goes far beyond general encouragement and feel-good motivational advice; she promotes concrete actionable next steps that have helped me move things from a remote possibility to reality. Part of what she brings to the table has been developed through her many years of business and life experience, but Angela has been gifted with an inexplicable “it” factor that can’t really be summed up in words. Everyone who works with her recognizes “it”, and we all talk about “it,” but none of us can fully describe it. She’s just someone you have to experience to understand, and I highly recommend working her – it’s a move you won’t possibly regret. (A. O’Neal, 2014)


Angela offers invaluable brainstorming and consulting services. I’ve been in the storm of her brain, and it’s a great place to be. K. Leigh, 2011

Angela is not only a consultant and coach, but she’s also a true collaborator and cheerleader. If you need someone to work through creative business ideas and someone to cheer you on as you implement – Angela is the perfect choice. K. Leigh, 2014


Angela Stalcup was my first and is still one of my most impactful entrepreneurial mentors. She has a keen understanding of women and how we do business, delivers it such a way where even the most novice entrepreneur can digest and integrate her wisdom. Her ability to give her clients strategic clarity and innovative ideas in her laser sessions is priceless. I honestly think her knowledge and generous wisdom empowers her clients to raise the bar on the quality of women entrepreneurs to a class well above the rest. I have personally soared in numerous occasions with what I call “the Angela voice” whispering her teachings in my head. ~~ Jane Coulter, 2014


Angela is the best entrepreneurial mentor I have ever worked with bar none. The very first time I had the pleasure of hearing Angela speak at a conference I was blown away and wondered if I would ever be able to connect with her personally. Within a few months I was able to attend a month long workshop where she had me see things in myself and my business that I had never even dreamed possible before. In the 5 years that have followed since that first meeting, Angela has inspired, mentored, guided, educated, encouraged and motivated me and my businesses continually. I can honestly say, if it were not for Angela, I would have given up on my dreams of owning a business because I was afraid to fail and did not have enough courage to succeed. M. Reeves, 2014


Angela is the quintessential business strategist.  Her brilliant and intuitive mind creates extraordinary results for both entrepreneurs and large corporations. There is only ONE Angela Stalcup. M. McLelland, 2014


As a business consultant, Ms. Stalcup has always proven to be to well informed as to her client’s overall business model and goals while remaining intuitive to the specific needs of the individual client. Her method of inclusion in the “brainstorming” of ideals is refreshing and provides a sense of partnership as opposed to the standard of “I’ll tell you what to do because I’m an expert in all” methodology. J. Velasquez, 2014