Kickstart Strategy Session

90-minute one-on-one session with pre- and post-session research and follow up: $495 (in-person sessions available). Includes:

  • Idea clarification and development
  • Identification of barriers
  • Resources specific to business or barrier
  • Advice and recommendations
  • Next steps and action strategy

Strategic Implementation Program

90-day one-on-one implementation program: $995. Includes:

  • 60-minute Kickstart Strategy Session
  • 2-20 minute virtual sessions per month (120 minutes total for 90-days)
  • Bi-weekly email check-in
  • Private Dropbox folder
  • Custom action tracker

The Business Advisory Suite

Intensive programs to create action plan for business growth. Contact Angela HERE  for information and purchase.

Strategic Communications Plan: ($1500)


  • Core Message Development
  • Completed Communications Calendar
  • Joint Venture/Partner PlanExpert Persona Strategy
  • Implemenation Plan
  • Custom components based on the needs of the individual business

Business Development Plan: ($1500)


  • Idea clarification
  • Business model ideation
  • Operations structure
  • Mission/Vision
  • Brand outline
  • Revenue Plan
  • Custom components based on the needs of the individual business

Social Media Marketing Strategy: ($1500)


Needs analysis (what you have, what you need)for:

  • Platforms (FB, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, etc)
  • Content (types of content–written, audio, video, content format–informational, educational, tips, etc)
  • Connection (where to connect and promote)
  • Advertising (do you need it, where to do it)

Implementation strategy:

  • Specific tools and techniques for the platforms needed
  • Content: core messaging and content calendar for each platform
  • Connection plan (how to systemize the connection strategy)
  • Advertising (how to + budget)
  • Instruction as needed on the how-to’s of platforms and tools