The Velvet Boot™: Give Your Business a Kick

August 20, 2012AngelaBlog

The Velvet Boot™: Give Your Business a Kick

The Velvet Boot™:
Makes you feel good.
Gets you where you’re going in style.
Gives you a swift kick in the pants, or pencil skirt, as needed.

The Velvet Boot™:
Bridges the gap between corporate consulting programs and traditional coaching programs.

Which Boot is your perfect fit? Schedule a free 20-minute business review at this link:

Programs: (Introductory Pricing)

The Velvet Boot™ Strategy Session: 90-minute one-on-one session with pre- and post-session research and follow up: $300

The Velvet Boot™ Implementation Program: 90-day one-on-one implementation program: $595. Includes:
• 60-minute Velvet Boot™ Strategy Session
• 2-20 minute virtual sessions per month (120 minutes total for 90-days)
• Bi-weekly email check-in
• Private Dropbox folder
• Custom action tracker

The Velvet Boot™ Advisory Suite: Intensive programs to create action plan for business growth: $2500 per plan

The Velvet Boot™ Strategic Communications Plan:
• Core Message Development
• Completed Communications Calendar
• Joint Venture/Partner Plan
• Expert Persona Strategy
• Implementation Plan
• Custom components based on the needs of the individual business

The Velvet Boot™ Business Development Plan:
• Idea clarification
• Business model ideation
• Operations structure
• Mission/Vision
• Brand outline
• Revenue Plan
• Custom components based on the needs of the individual business

Ready to buy? Contact Angela directly at VelvetBoot (at) for payment info.

“I don’t want to kill anybody”: On the joys of “coopetition”

July 2, 2012AngelaBlog

“I don’t want to kill anybody.” So declared Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, and currently the youngest female self-made billionaire in the world, at the CNBC Small Business Town Hall. I was in the audience, and I nearly leapt from my chair in joy at her response to the notion that business is all about “killing” the competition.

When Sara was starting Spanx, she was told, as many of us are, that business is war, and the only way to succeed is to focus on “killing the competition.” She meditated on this idea, and decided that war was not the model she wanted to use for growing her business. Instead, she would focus on creating an excellent product, and let that spirit drive her business.

Many women feel the same way–we don’t want to kill anybody. Thus, we are driving a new way of approaching business, known as cooperative competition, or coopetition. The term isn’t new at all–it comes from the work of John Nash (remember the movie “A Beautiful Mind”?) on Game Theory. With coopetition, businesses “cooperate with each other to reach a higher value creation if compared to the value created without interaction, and struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”

Thus, rather than kill the competition, competitors can look for areas of overlap where both can benefit by working together rather than tearing apart.

Like Sara Blakely with Spanx, if we as business owners focus on understanding our target audience and what we uniquely provide through our brand, then we have no problem supporting our industry by collaborating with others in our field. If we know and recognize those clients and customers who are a good match for our businesses, then our competitors can become referral partners and resources when we encounter those who aren’t a good match to our business.

In my work with Ladies Who Launch, I have had many opportunities where I’ve talked to a person and realized they weren’t a good fit for our organization. I’m happy when I can direct someone to the another local group. And I know that others in Atlanta have done the same for me. I find it a joy to work with others who have a similar passion for helping women as I do. They have become colleagues, rather than enemies.

While I want to grow a successful and lucrative business, approaching my industry in a spirit of coopetition allows me to celebrate the successes of my “competitors,” be inspired by what makes each of them unique, and motivates me to focus on the USP of what I have to offer.

The Velvet Boot — Brainstorming and Accountability with a Kick

May 29, 2012AngelaBlog

Contact Angela Stalcup at for details on the beta phase of the program

7 ways to Beat Body Image Issues in Business

May 29, 2012AngelaBlog

Negative body image can hold us back in big ways in our careers. I’ve spent the past 4 years working with women entrepreneurs, and it’s amazing how body image issues can arise related to launching and growing a business.

It is not uncommon for women to avoid being photographed or video recorded, avoid making presentations, meeting new people, attending networking or other business development events, because of a negative self-perception. Even more disturbing, there are those who will delay even starting a business until they “lose some weight.”

Here are 7 ways I’ve used with myself and my clients to beat body image issues in business.

1. Identify times when body image issues arise related to your business.

Negative self-talk about the body can be so subtle and so common as to be overlooked. Notice it there are times that you are avoiding a business development task because of a body image issue (eg., avoiding being photographed, skipping an event because you have “nothing to wear,” fear around making a presentation, etc.)

2. Have a plan.

Once you’ve noticed where body image issues arise, work on countering (and hopefully replacing) negative beliefs with positive ones. Address the mental and emotional issues as well as the tangible, physical ones.

3. Treat self-care as part of your business plan.

In the hustle of starting and running a business, it’s easy to neglect taking care of yourself. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and stress reduction must be part of your regular routine. When you are your business, your health and well-being is the health and well-being of your business.

4. Get help.

If you need support, don’t be afraid to get it. Talk to a trusted friend and ask for some positive reinforcement when needed. You may want to work with a coach or counselor to build positive body image and confidence. If you hate your wardrobe, engage the services of a stylist. Need a diet and exercise makeover? Consult a trainer or nutritionist. Most experts have low cost/no cost materials that can get you started without breaking the bank.

(How does $30 sound for a style consult? Check out Chastity Valentine’s 1-hour virtual style consult

5. Invest in a quality headshot and visual materials.

Most women I’ve met have a hate/hate relationship with being photographed. We live in a visual age, and most entrepreneurs need at least a headshot for use in business. There’s a reason why famous people look good in magazines (other than extreme-Photoshopping)–they work with great photographers. Invest in a quality headshot with a photographer who understands lighting, angles, and all the things that go into creating a good photograph. When you are excited by how you look in your picture, you’ll be much more likely to share the photo.

6. Invest in a quality wardrobe (that you can wear NOW, not 20 lbs from now)

This is the same philosophy as investing in a headshot–when you feel like you look good (it’s all about the feeling), then you are going to carry yourself in a way that will energize every exchange. Again, this doesn’t have to break the bank, it just has to make you feel like your best, most powerful self.

7. Relax. No one is judging you, and if they are, who cares?

A great smile, enthusiasm, and confidence beat out a “perfect” look every time. All of those flaws we are obsessed with are usually overlooked by others. And if someone is judging you–what’s that to you? Why live your life controlled by the thoughts and perceptions of others?

So, when the group is lining up for a photo, jump in the front row. Don’t freak out when you get tagged in a Facebook picture. I personally think it’s great to have some bad pictures of myself floating around on the Internet. First, they make my good pictures look great, and second, it gives people a chance to tell me how great I look in person.

Of course, there’s always the “10 Years From Now” Game. It works like this: however you look today, whatever bad hair, lumps and rolls, wrinkles, etc. that are bothering you, will seem like nothing 10 years from now. 10 years from now, you’ll look at your worst picture from today and say: Look at how young I looked! So, why wait 10 years to enjoy what you’ve got today?

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