Angela Stalcup is a marketing and strategy professional with 20 years of experience in marketing communications, strategic planning, business process improvement, and business development for small businesses and large corporations.

Working with Angela

Custom coaching and consulting packages in branding, business development, motivation, and accountability.

Speaking Engagements

Dynamic & motivational talks for seminars, meetings, and special events with a focus on women entreprenuer related issues.

Ask Angela

Brainstorming sessions on business development, marketing, branding, or business mindset via Skype or phone. 30- or 60-minute sessions available.
“Every time I have the opportunity to work with Angela, I’m pleasantly overwhelmed by her ability to articulate things about me and my business that propel me forward with more clarity than I’ve ever been able to develop on my own.”
A. O'Neal

“Angela is the quintessential business strategist.  Her brilliant and intuitive mind creates extraordinary results for both entrepreneurs and large corporations. There is only ONE Angela Stalcup.”
M. McLelland

“Angela Stalcup was my first and is still one of my most impactful entrepreneurial mentors. I honestly think her knowledge and generous wisdom empowers her clients to raise the bar on the quality of women entrepreneurs to a class well above the rest.”
J. Coulter

“Angela is not only a consultant and coach, but she’s also a true collaborator and cheerleader. If you need someone to work through creative business ideas and someone to cheer you on as you implement – Angela is the perfect choice.”
K. Leigh

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